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Reasons to Visit the Isle of Wight Outside the Summer Months

Reasons to Visit the Isle of Wight Outside of the Summer Months

Isle of Wight Blog by Ben Farrelly


The greatest joy of the Isle of Wight for me as a resident is a simple one, the Island is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the UK, this is not exclusive to just the Spring and Summer seasons. The beaches that quickly fill up during the hot summer months transform into a place of reflection, and the thatched and historic pubs relax as the locals return to their favoured seats and ales after a busy few months.



Luccombe Cliffs


The menus in the restaurants and pubs ever so slightly change as the seasonal crops differ, but the high quality and competitive food standards that the Island has become well known for remain. This also brings many weekend holiday breakers back to the island simply for the food.





Although the winds pick up a little, the climate stays very mild, the vibrant greens of the tree’s, fields and parks take on the multi-colours of autumn. The surrounding ocean takes on a fierce complexion as it stares back at our shores, daring the surfers to throw the dice and try their hand at nature’s greatest bronco.



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Having to book seats in your favourite restaurant seems like a distant memory, the cinemas still run fluidly and often you only find yourself and your party in a screening.



Winkle Street


With the summer months behind them the roads suddenly become free flowing and open gateways for relaxing and peaceful drives, Military road on the West Wight being the favoured port of call for those moments of escape.



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The island outside of the spring and summer becomes a must stop for any budding landscape photographer, the coastal views as well as the historic buildings with an overcast background bring a new dimension to the lensman's catalogue.


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The island has an abundance of talented musicians and songwriters, during the summer months they migrate to the countries festivals and any other places they are booked to play. During the autumn they flock back to the island and start performing back in the pubs and restaurants of home. Live music is always just a few steps away in the winter months, and what better way is there to enjoy it than in your local pub in front of a roaring fire?


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