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Luccombe Hall

Luccombe Hall Hotel, Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Originally built in 1870 as the summer home for the Bishop of Portsmouth this lovely family-run hotel commands an enviable cliff-top location at Shanklin.

Packed full of activities this is a perfect destination for couples and families alike.

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Luccombe Manor

luccombe manor isle of wight

Stunningly located this Shanklin hotel boasts magnificent sea views and a beautiful tranquil setting.

Offering Family Friendly & Dog Friendly Holidays & Short Breaks with Games Room, Outdoor Spa Pool & Hot Tub.

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Shanklin Villa

Shanklin Villa Holiday Apartments, Isle of Wight

8 Luxury Holiday Apartments with fully fitted contemporary kitchens, located close to Shanklin Old Village.

Offering a choice of Studios, 1 Bed, 3 Bed & 4 Bed Apartments, many with sea views and private hot tubs 

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Walking & Cycling Holidays on the Isle of Wight with Garden Isle Hotels

Stunning Hotel Locations * Delicious Meals * Relaxing Leisure Facilities

  • Anna Glowinski 210515 11.jpg

    Anna Glowinski 210515 11.jpg

    https://gardenislehotels.co.uk/images/ju_cached_images/Anna Glowinski 210515 11_47f1fc8898d2deb9ff03336bce9d4e6e_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Compton 150215 01.jpg

    Compton 150215 01.jpg

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  • Anna Glowinski 210515 06.jpg

    Anna Glowinski 210515 06.jpg

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  • Luccombe 090515 05.jpg

    Luccombe 090515 05.jpg

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  • Bembridge 160415 05.jpg

    Bembridge 160415 05.jpg

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  • Compton 180115 01.jpg

    Compton 180115 01.jpg

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    Anna Glowinski 200515 01.jpg

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    Tennyson240115 02.jpg

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    Anna Glowinski 210515 07.jpg

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  • Needles walking 160213 01.jpg

    Needles walking 160213 01.jpg

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  • Cheverton 010715 01.jpg

    Cheverton 010715 01.jpg

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  • Autumn and winter walking 041113 03.jpg

    Autumn and winter walking…

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  • Bembridge 160415 06.jpg

    Bembridge 160415 06.jpg

    https://gardenislehotels.co.uk/images/ju_cached_images/Bembridge 160415 06_74b88935de8fd648613a458651402419_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Luccombe 090515 07.jpg

    Luccombe 090515 07.jpg

    https://gardenislehotels.co.uk/images/ju_cached_images/Luccombe 090515 07_e9565a2521a7330b998a5fe22f3a978f_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Luccombe 090515 01.jpg

    Luccombe 090515 01.jpg

    https://gardenislehotels.co.uk/images/ju_cached_images/Luccombe 090515 01_2a6737684f3a3c516b8fad5869dfe9fe_90x70.resized.jpg



Walking Holidays and Cycling Holidays are very popular on the Isle of Wight due to having 500 miles of well maintained routes that criss cross across the Island and include 70 miles of stunning coastline whilst at the same time being only 23 miles long and 13 miles wide - making everwhere easily accessible.

Whether walking and cycling is a hobby you like to enjoy from time to time or something you take seriously you'll find routes to suit from wonderfully easy to extremely challenging.

A walking holiday or cycling holiday on the Isle of Wight is a great option as the landscape is so diverse including leafy lanes, green valleys, bridleways. With over half of its land mass classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty, you will also never be far away from a stunning viewpoint. A walking holiday or cycling holiday is a refreshing and invigorating to see many of the Isle of Wight points of interest including manor houses, ancient churches, gardens and coastline.

Cycling Holidays

Both Garden Isle Hotels offer you secure bicycle storage with Luccombe Hall Hotel in Shanklin providing secure under cover cycle storage. 

The Red Squirrel Trail provides easy cycling using dis-used railway lines and makes for the perfect family cycling experience. Choose to stay in our family friendly Luccombe Hall Hotel or neighbouring Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel. Here you'll be afforded a stunning cliff top location and a great range of indoor and outdoor leisure facilities.


Walking Holidays

Step out of any of our hotels and you'll find yourselves already on a wonderful walking route. Take the cliff path to Ventnor or walk along the revetment to Sandown.

Access any part of the stunning Isle of Wight easily from any of the hotels either by car or bus. There are so many fabulous places to explore.


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Isle of Wight Walking or Cycling Breaks at Garden Isle Hotels




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